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Green Hour Connection: Matthews-Sardis Park

We spent the majority of our weekend hours outside as a family enjoying the spectacular spring-like weather!  In addition to spending a day climbing at Pilot Mountain (click here for the Trip Report), we also took advantage of the extra hour of daylight by checking out a new park.  Matthews-Sardis Park is located on (go figure) Sardis Road on the Southeast side of Charlotte (I think the address might technically be in the town of Matthews).


Daddy and Cragbaby sharing some laughs together on the swings

Sardis Park is a clean, quiet, shaded park with a neighborhood type feel to it.  There are two playground apparatuses – one for little guys and the other for big kids.  There are several swings, a small field with a soccer goal, and a paved sidewalk that outlines the perimeters of the park.  It seemed like a perfect place to drop by after running some errands (or in our case – on the way back from the climbing gym).

Investigating a rogue dandelion

Excited to try out his new sandals! (Thanks Manuela and Norbert!)


One of the main components of a Green Hour is that it is “unstructured” time outdoors.  So we just followed Cragbaby around and let him roam wherever his little heart led him!  We walked, we slid, we swung, we plopped, we touched, we rode, we watched, we smiled, and we laughed.  Good times were had by the whole family!


My two favorite boys!


3 Responses to “Green Hour Connection: Matthews-Sardis Park”

  1. christie

    i enjoy this post, its simple and cute, displaying how the family is connects via outdoors. I adore the pic of C and steve on the swing.


  2. GREAT post! It made me smile!


  3. I think the green hour is a perfect idea. I wish more kids could have this as a part of their lives. I know I had countless green hours as a small child, and feel blessed to have had the outdoors as as part of my growing up. Great post, it made me smile:)


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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN