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Green Hour Connection: The Sun Didn’t Shine.

“The Sun didn’t shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.” -Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

While Dr. Seuss may have been a master at opening children’s eyes to the wonders of reading, he seems to have been a bit lacking in the outdoor adventure department…

"Oh boy Mommy! Let's play!"

I don’t know about you, but here in our neck of the woods, our spring fever has been put on hold in favor of cold, wet nastiness. Weekend climbing plans were thwarted, which to be perfectly honest probably worked out for the best, considering that Cragbaby and his Daddy were recovering from a nasty stomach bug, and I was smack dab in the middle of a cold (which I will gladly take any day over the stomach bug…).

What's more fun than puddles on the sidewalk?

Puddles in the mud, of course!

But by the time Monday rolled around, Cragbaby and I had both come down with a bad case of the stir-crazies from being stuck inside all weekend. By no means was it a beautiful spring day. The sun was most certainly NOT shining, and even though the rain had stopped for a few hours, most would probably have assumed it was too wet to play. But instead of sitting around in the house, Cragbaby and I had a wonderful afternoon at the Blakeney Plaza. Blakeney is a giant shopping center filled with all sorts of shops and restaurants.  The  Plaza is a 2 acre enclosed park that has a playground, an open area for live music during summer evenings, as well as a large outdoor eating area.  We were the ONLY ones there. That meant that C had the whole area to himself without worrying about being trampled on by the big boys. We explored every inch of the park!  Cragbaby was mesmerized by the big fountain in the middle, and had to take many laps around it to check it out from EVERY angle.  And of course we had to hit the playground – but this just wasn’t any playground.  They say it’s a “blend of modern design and exceptional play value.”  I say it looks like the sort of playground a climber would invent…

Stopping just long enough to check out the fountain

But the best part was watching Cragbaby’s latest discovery – PUDDLES!   As he was toddling along the sidewalk, C stumbled into the puddle unknowingly at first, then took a few tentative splashing steps, and by the end he was tromping around with glee!  Both his shoes and socks were completely soaked through (thankfully I had some extra with me like a good Mommy), but it was worth all the mess to share that special moment with him.  Even though this wasn’t our best Green Hour weather day by far, I’m really glad we didn’t let the so-so weather keep us inside! 

What about you?  Any cool Green Hour stories from the less than ideal weather we’ve been having?


10 Responses to “Green Hour Connection: The Sun Didn’t Shine.”

  1. Beth Lineberry

    Sounds like great fun! The joy of puddles!


  2. Sometimes you gotta make your OWN fun, dont cha?


  3. Linda

    Sounds like you guys always make the best of where you are and what you have, and that’s the best! Joy is always the best when found naturally, and in the little things of life.


  4. Christie

    im so glad to see that the clothes fit! was kinda worried about that 🙂 and Im with C, puddles are totally fun to splash around in. btw, great idea to use socks as mittens.


  5. What a puddle-wonderful day! And love the Dr. Suess quote. H, I guess, needed a Green Hour! 🙂


  6. In case you missed it earlier…Newest post: No rain on our parade! #playoutdoors #nature #getout


  7. agreed!!! RT @ventrsomekrysia: Cragbaby is So cute 🙂


  8. RT @EricaLineberry: In case you missed it earlier…Newest post: No rain on our parade! #playoutdoors #nature #getout


  9. Krysia Hepatica (@ventrsomekrysia)

    Cragbaby is So cute :)RT @EricaLineberry: Newest post: No rain on our parade!


  10. I always enjoy reading about @EricaLineberry and her cute crag baby loving life RT: #rainorshine


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