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Get Ready for Some Renovations!

Those of you that have been faithful followers of my blog from the beginning are aware that my focus has changed a little bit since Reflections Along the Way began.  I initially started this blog so I could have my own personal place on the web to post up random thoughts and musings, along with the occasional trip report.  I would go through phases where I would write a lot, but then other times weeks would go by without any new posts.  Once Cragbaby came along however, I realized that there was an adventure niche that I seemed to naturally fall into.  And so blossomed a whole new blog…but it still looked like the old blog. 

I had a nagging feeling that I should make some changes to spice things up a bit, and when Melissa Culbertson over at asked for volunteer bloggers to be guinea pigs on her Blog Critique Wednesdays series, I jumped at the chance.  Sure enough, when my day of reckoning came, I was a little overwhelmed with all the work that needed to be done – although I will say Melissa spoke the truth in love, and also had some very nice compliments to say along with the things I needed to work on.  If you’re interested in what she had to say, click here

"Get ready for a new look!"

When I read the critique last week, it was like a fire was lit under me.  The first thing I had to do was come up with a name.  After brainstorming about it all day, the perfect idea finally came to me during our family stroller jog – so we ran (literally) right home and bought the domain name.  I’ve beenworking with one of my twitter friends, @Brookalooktrout (I think the correct term is “tweep”?) about designing a new logo, and also my brother in law, Brent, about redesigning my WordPress theme. 

With all of this excitement brewing, you might not see quite as many posts from me as you’re used to seeing, but I’ll try my best to keep up.  I’m hoping to unveil the new look by the middle of May, just in time for my social media debut as a Nature Rocks Ambassador!  I’m hoping that the new look and feel will not only better represent what my blog has turned into, but will also be a better marketing tool for showcasing my writing and personal brand. 

I’m really excited about all of the renovations, and I can hardly wait for the big unveiling!  That’s all I can say for right now, but I will leave you with one juicy tidbit – the new name is CRAGMAMA!!!  What do you think?


15 Responses to “Get Ready for Some Renovations!”

  1. Perfect! Can’t wait to see how your site develops.


  2. Excellent choice for a name! I am looking forward to seeing the changes. Your blog is one of the very few I read consistently.


  3. christie

    interesting critique….especially the last paragraph, very insightful. I look forward to the revision 🙂 I am totally into the Lineberry brand!


  4. Nice!


  5. Tonya

    Love the new name!!!


  6. John Wilson

    New name is good. Do you plan to monetize one day?


  7. I love it and am so excited for you! It’s wonderful to find your niche… When you do, everything just seems to fall into place. Brooke helped us with our logo, too! She’s a wonderful chica! Good luck on this adventure, Cragmama (love it, btw!)!


  8. Wow thanks for the encouragement guys! I’m so excited the new name has been so well-recieved!

    @John – I don’t necessarily want to monetize the blog itself with ads or anything like that, but I’m hoping to perhaps build up enough brand recognition at some point to be able to get some freelance writing gigs – you know, gear reviews, magazines, etc…


  9. Matt Paden

    Good luck, Erica! It’s always exciting starting a new web project. Let me know if I can help in any way!


  10. Angela

    Love the name! Inspirational advice. Looking forward to the new spin.


  11. can’t wait to see the changes. love cragmama!!!


  12. "welcome" Cragmama“@Cragmama: Att Tweeps – From now on I’ll be Cragmama, not EricaLineberry. Check out”


  13. Love it! A great reminder I need to connect with you for the Chicks blog!


  14. Great name choice. Are you getting a new look along with the blog? 🙂


  15. In case you missed it ystrdy – I changed from EricaLineberry to Cragmama – lots of exciting stuff in the works! #climb


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