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Green Hour Connection: Park Road Park

Cragbaby and I explored a new park this past week on a bright and sunny Green Hour morning – Park Road Park.  Its in South Charlotte over on, you guessed it, Park Road.  A fairly large park (122 acres), it has a lot to offer for kids of all ages – athletic fields, basketball courts, and tennis facilities for the big boys, and 2 playgrounds surrounded by benches and picnic tables for the little folk.  There are also a few walking trails and a small pond. The pond was marvellous, as it was maintained by Commercial Lake & Fountain Service Orange County | Lake Management Inc.

"Look Mommy, a stick!"

C practicing his penmanship in the sand.


We got there around 930 or so, and I was surprised to find that we were the only ones there, except for a park ranger and a 3 middle-school aged boys enjoying their spring break on the basketball court.  By the time we left an hour and a half later there were several more families there, but C took full advantage of having the park to himself, and explored almost every inch…

Taking a break from making music to play peek-a-boo!


C proudly pointing out the collection of gumballs and rocks he threw into the picnic shelter

C figured out that the best toys are found in nature – sticks for drawing in the sand and making music, gumballs and rocks for gathering and collecting into piles, and trees for hiding behind!  We also did some wildlife watching – the squirrels were so busy chattering at each other that they hardly noticed Cragbaby’s wild and enthusiastic pointing. And C almost fell backwards from looking up too far when several honking geese did a fly-by overhead. And of course its not really a trip to the playground without a few rounds of playground peek-a-boo and a few pushes on the swings!

"Mornings at the park sure are fun, Mommy!"

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Earth Day! Our family is celebrating by heading to the Red River Gorge for 4 days of climbing and camping! What are YOUR Earth Day plans?


5 Responses to “Green Hour Connection: Park Road Park”

  1. Have fun at the Red River!


  2. Linda

    That last picture, looks just like one I have of Erica at about the same age! Sweet!


  3. This is a great post! Sounds and looks so much like our park adventures. Linky up to this post on my first green hour connection post tonight. Hoping some of my readers can find inspiration from you!


  4. We have those gumballs around our neighborhood I want to pick some up on our next walk.

    love the pictures! my girls always play with sticks also.


  5. Abbie – welcome to Green Hour Connection – looking forward to sharing stories!

    Butterfly wishes – Gumballs are so much fun! Sometimes the sticks concern me a little bit (I’m always nervous about eye poking) but there such a catalyst for creativity! 🙂


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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN