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Green Hour Connection: Eco-lessons Disguised as Fun

Loaded up and ready to go!

Those of you not from “these parts” down south may not be familiar with the fast-food wonder that is Chick-Fila.  With a menu that is considered relatively healthy by fast-food standards, and yummy by just about any standard, it has turned into somewhat of a family tradition to go there on Friday nights (we are on the cutting edge of cool, I know…). 

So you can imagine our excitement after our big move to Charlotte when we discovered a Chick-Fila sitting smack dab in the middle of the shopping center right across the street from our new neighborhood!  Since it’s so close we’ve decided to incorporate it iinto some Green Hour fun that the whole family can enjoy!

A little dinner reading...

Remember that bright red Radioflyer Wagon that Cragbaby got for his birthday?  Turns out its good for more than just tootling around the yard and neighborhood – its also a perfect mode of eco-transportation!  We were overjoyed to find out that loading C in the wagon, strolling through the neighborhood, and navigating through a stoplight and curvy sidewalks until we reached the restaurant took less than 15 minutes.  I figure by the time you add in finagling with a carseat and finding a parking place, it would take almost just as long in a car! 

I tried to warn him that flowers aren't tasty...


...but some lessons ya gotta learn for yourself!

I’m sure that our weekly walks won’t break any gas-saving records or anything, but it adds an exciting outdoor component to our otherwise run-of-the-mill routine.  The best part is that we’re able to show C a real-life example of environmental stewardship, and hopefully reinforce the idea that if each of us do a bunch of small things, we can be part of a big difference!  What are some of the “small things” that your family does to make a big difference?


8 Responses to “Green Hour Connection: Eco-lessons Disguised as Fun”

  1. Three years ago, we quit using our dryer except in times of dire need (one hour before the band concert and the white dress shirt is dirty!)

    During the summer months, laundry is one the chores my boys help me with, so we often find ourselves outside together, chatting, enjoying the sunshine and hanging up clothes. We’re not only saving tons of electricity, but it gives us a concentrated bit of time together without any other distractions.


    • I used to hang-dry C’s cloth diapers, but since we’ve moved I haven’t had a chance to hang up the clothesline…you’ve motivated me to get out and do it 🙂

      I love the sweet image of you and your boys out there hanging clothes – good memories and good lessons, all in one!

  2. when we moved from dallas to san jose we made a point of moving into a completely walkable neighborhood – and when one of the cars got totalled by the transport company, we “replaced” it with upgrades for my husband’s bike and he cycles to work. fresh air is better for everyone!


    • That’s what we’ve been loving the most about our new neighborhood – so many of our daily errands are within walking or biking distance. Great for the environment and also body and mind! Thanks for your comment, Emily!

  3. We’ve started bicycling more often. DH is bicycling to work at least 3 times per week. Turning off lights, trying to grow our own garden (It’s been so cold and wet that hasn’t turned out well).


    • Back when I was teaching, before I had C, I used to bike to work all the time – its a freeing feeling getting places under your own power, isn’t it 🙂

  4. Christie

    LOL…C not listening to Mommy’s warning about the flower…classic.


  5. Tracey

    Looks like fun!


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