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Green Hour Connection: Adventures with Suburban Wildlife


All strapped in and ready to bike (and point...)

Its been a while since I’ve been able to do a Green Hour post, what with all of th trip reports and all of the other exciting things that have been happening around here (such as The Cragbaby Project!)  Don’t worry though we’ve still been keeping up with our Green Hours, but I just haven’t been able to post.  Anyway, some of my favorite ways to incorporate green hours into C’s day are by combining them with a normal part of our day – hitting the park on the way home, walking instead of driving to the store, etc.  I want Cragbaby to grow up with outdoor nature play as a relaxed part of his life – not a structured, regimented activity that needs to be scheduled (although sometimes when things get hectic we do need to schedule it to make sure we get it in!)  This past week we had a particularly fun green hour when we combined a shopping trip with a visit to a pond…


Every Tuesday morning we hit up the free storytime at our local Barnes and Nobles (in the Arboretum, for you Charlotte locals), and ever since we’ve moved into our new house, we’ve been biking there, since its only a mile away.  We usually also make a grocery stop since I still haven’t gotten into a grocery routine with all the move craziness and always end up forgetting something key.  This past Tuesday was no exception, but after we’d shopped and storied, this time we decided to check out the small duck pond on the backside of the shopping center.

Close encounters with the honking kind...

The pond is part of a quaint little natural area behind the Arboretum.  A few of the restaurants back up to it and have outdoor seating that overlook the area.  It would be a great place for an after dinner stroll or to let the kids run around at in between errands.  But on a mid-morning weekday we had the place to ourselves – us and our two-legged honking friends, that is.  C was mesmerized by the ducks and the geese, and spent almost 45 minutes following them around and pointing at them.  We had brought a couple of pieces of bread to share, but I quickly realized that the geese had zero table manners and were getting a little too close for comfort – so we went back to just plain old pointing, which suited C just fine.

C found friends wherever he went!

One goose in particular put on quite a show for us, pumping his neck up and down and ruffling his feathers.  I’m not sure whether this was supposed to be taken as a gesture of dominance or what, but Cragbaby took it as a performance that deserved a round of applause!

Our visit to the pond was a nice change of pace.  It’s great to have an area right in the hustle and bustle of the city that we can hit up when we are in the mood for some wildlife watching.  

Does anyone else have a secret getaway spot filled with suburban wildlife?


2 Responses to “Green Hour Connection: Adventures with Suburban Wildlife”

  1. It’s so neat that the CragBaby has such an interest in wildlife!.


  2. Linda

    I predict a frog will make it home in his pocket one day soon!


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