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Green Hour Connection: A is for Airplane!

If Cragbaby had a vocabulary that included words other than “balloon,” “light,” and “cup,” he’d probably tell you that he wants to be a pilot when he grows up.  I’d be fine with that I guess – but only if he promises to fly his Mommy and Daddy around for free…oh and to let us have an extra carry-on bag for our climbing gear…In all seriousness, however, C LOVES airplanes!  No matter what we’re doing outside, all activities halt when one flies overhead so that C can smile and point at the plane, and since we aren’t that far from a major airport, fly-bys are a regular occurence.

Daddy's little helper!

I guess it might be genetic – the Crag-Daddy certainly isn’t a pilot, but he’s been dabbling off and on in radio-control airplanes for years.  He’s been pleased to find several areas near our new house with enough wide, open air space to fly them, and last Saturday we decided to take one of the planes for a test spin at Olde Providence Park.

Boys and their toys...

It was a surprisngly mild evening, both in temperature and humidity, just perfect for an after-dinner family green hour at the park.  Cragbaby was Daddy’s little shadow, making sure to keep close by so as not to miss anything.  It was sweet to watch him grinning from ear to ear as Daddy let him gently “help” get things set up.

Once that plane took off, however, so did C!  He had a blast running all over the field, pointing and smiling at the plane and at his Daddy!  It ended up being a great family evening.  The best part about it was that it didn’t require any extra planning.  On a whim we packed the plane in the car before heading out to dinner, and the park was an easy stop on the way back home.  What are some easy, Green Hour favorites in your house?


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  2. Beth Lineberry

    This warms my heart!


  3. I LOVE these pictures. SUPER!


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