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Green Hour Connection: Keepin’ it Cool

I don’t know about everyone else lately, but our Green Hours have been getting hotter and hotter! With July well underway and August on the rise, I thought it fitting to share ways to keep your Green Hours cool for your little ones even when the mercury is off the charts!

Though sun hat's aren't always well-received, Cragbaby's little bald head will thank me later.

1.  Dress For Success – When it comes to clothing and the outdoors, less is not always more.  Especially if your tyke is concentrating on growing everything BUT hair, make sure to keep that sweet head covered by a hat, preferably one with a brim that will shade his/her face as well. 

2.  Wind Power – A portable fan can work wonders!  Found at your local Wal-mart for only a few bucks, a fan is definitely a worthwhile investment.  It will not only keep your little one cool, but the fan blades also provide some whirring entertainment (make sure to find one with blades that are soft enough not to hurt exploring fingers…)

3.  Wet and Wild –  Whether its a local swimming hole, an impromptu run through an obstacle course of sprinklers, or even something as simple as a water-filled bucket, water play makes for Green Hour fun for all ages!

Its amazing how much entertainment a bucket of water can provide...

4.  Culinary Coolness – Hot weather is the perfect excuse for some chilly treats!  Take advantage of all the fresh fruit available during the summer to experiment with your favorite smoothie and popsicle recipes!

5.  Stay Hydrated – Cragbaby always has many important things on his outside agenda, but making sure he gets enough water to drink is not very high on his list.  Make sure to offer liquids often (if your little one is not a big water drinker, smoothies and popsicles can be of great help here too!)

6.  Timing is Everything – No matter how many precautions you take, some days its just too darn hot.  On days like these, don’t give up – chances are there will be at least one bearable time slot at some point during the day, although it might mean changing your schedule to get out first thing in the morning, or waiting until after dinner when the sun’s not as intense.

"Think I'm sharing? Think again!"

Remember that young children aren’t as aware of the detrimental effects of heat as adults are. The dangers of heat exhaustion and dehydration are real, and can happen very quickly.  I know Cragbaby will run around quite happily in hot, humid weather, red in the face, with what little hair he has drenched with sweat – if you’re tyke is anything like mine you might need to “help” your child realize that he/she’s had enough outdoor time for one day.  Always play responsibly and enjoy the sweetness of summer!

What secrets does your family have for beating the heat?


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  1. Looks like the CragBaby might be ready for the bucket TREATMENT!


  2. #Green_Hour_Connection: Keepin’ it Cool via @cragmama


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