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Green Hour Connection: The Calm AFTER the Storm

"Hey. how did all this water get here?!?"

We had some rather wild weather recently!  An early afternoon thunderstorm wreaked havoc throughout the city Charlotte – some sources say we got almost 6 inches of rain within a matter of hours.  Major highways were closed, downtown shops were flooded, and numerous commuters floated helplessly down the road in torrential flash floods.  Thankfully, at our house we saw more bark than bite.  Around lunchtime the sky started getting more and more ominous and by the time C went down for his nap, I wasn’t sure whether he would think it was naptime or bedtime, it was so dark!  For 3 hours the clouds emptied themselves and the wind hurled rain and debris up against the side of the house, while the constant deafening thunderclaps made me marvel at the irony of C slumbering peacefully in the monitor, clutching his monkey with a zen-like face that was the picture of serenity.

By the time C had emerged from his (apparently sound-proof) room and had downed his traditional afternoon smoothie, the storm had passed over us.  While the wet and wild debaucle continued north of us in the downtown area, C and I went outside to explore, since the cooler temperatures the storm had left behind were too tempting to pass up!  Aside from periodic rumblings off in the distance (now if you ask C what the thunder says, he will say, “boom, boom”), the only remnant of the rain was the new “stream” that was running down our driveway.

Coming in for a closer inspection...

...oops, maybe a little too close.

"Rivers end up at the sea, Mommy. Lets go!"

C was quite enthusiastic about this new development in our driveway, and began investigating at once.  He splashed with his hands, stomped with his feet, and several times even put his face IN the water for a closer look (and taste…).  Mommy showed him how he could send blades of grass bon voyage by dropping them in the water and watching them float down the driveway towards the road.  Speaking of the road, C was really excited when he realized that the stream in our driveway converged into a “river” along the side of the road.

"Oops, I'm wet..."

We both ended up soaked, and had I known how much splash-tacular fun C was going to have I would have put him in his Adventure Suit before heading out, but we both had a lot of fun.  By the time C’s Daddy got home, it had started raining again (although this time it was just a steady but determined drizzle, nothing dramatic), so I’m glad that we took the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the rain-induced terrain changes to our yard when we did.

How have you managed to turn some “less than ideal” outdoor conditions into fun and memorable Green Hours?




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  1. Megan

    C’s cousin loves to play in the puddle that forms in his driveway after it rains…and sometimes while it’s raining!


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