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Olde Providence Park: Urban Climbing is Just a Bike Ride Away

Loaded up and ready to roll!

I mentioned Olde Providence Park in a Green Hour post a few weeks ago, but since its turned out to be such a family favorite, I thought it deserved another shout out.  We were blessed to have a few mornings last week that were absolutely delightful – 70 degree, low humidity reminders that Fall is on the way, if we can just hold out for a few more weeks!  One one such morning Cragbaby and I decided to hop on the bike and head to the park for an early morning romp. Olde Providence Park is a little over 2 miles away via neighborhood roads, so C and I can make it there on our bikes in less than 15 minutes. Officially part of Providence Elementary School, it has 3 separate playground areas, about half a dozen baseball fields, as well as a wooded nature trail that follows the perimeter of the back half of the property.

In the past we’ve started at the middle playground adjacent to the ball fields, usually ending up either on the baseball diamonds or on the nature trails.  But since we biked this time, we came in at a different entrance, so we decided to explore a smaller playground apparatus on the other side of the building.  This playground was designed for older kids, but you’d never have guessed it from the way C was scrambling over ladders, bars, and bridges!  The best part was the big plastic “rock arch.”  Cragbaby was so proud of himself for climbing all the way to the top of the arch with only some minor spotting assistance from the Mommy.

Pulling through the crux moves...

Approaching the top out...

Smiling on the "Summit"

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we came back again a few days later, this time bringing the Daddy!  Its too bad that last week was probably our last opportunity to enjoy the park during the week.  Since the whole area is school property, I’m assuming that once school is in session, our mid-week playground jaunts will be put on hold for a while.


Playgrounds are fun for Daddy's too... 🙂

Now that school is in session, how have your Green Hours changed?


3 Responses to “Olde Providence Park: Urban Climbing is Just a Bike Ride Away”

  1. Looks like the CragBaby has been observing your techniques! He’s eveidently a quick-study! Great job!


  2. Brandy Walters

    Love these pictures!!! Just like a real bouldering photos. Lukas is 13 months and yesterday he climbed onto a full sized trampoline while standing on a toy smaller than the one the bigger kids use apparently. His nickname is “Brandy” when he’s climbing 🙂


  3. Olde Providence Park: Urban ##climbing is Just a Bike Ride Away via @cragmama


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