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Sentimental Snapshots: Just a Year Ago

For the past several years now, my husband Steve and I have established a tradition – on my birthday weekend we head to Summersville Lake for a weekend of climbing, swimming, and overall merriment in the outdoors with whoever wants to join us.  Last year was a big one for me – not only did I officially turn 30, but it was the first birthday I ever celebrated with Cragbaby by my side.

Eager eyes, taking it all in (Photo: Manuela Eilert)

Considering that birthday number 31 came and went this past weekend (stay tuned for that recap later on in the week), it seemed only fitting for today’s Sentimental Snapshot to be a look back from the same weekend a year prior. This picture was taken at last year’s Summersville birthday weekend, the same weekend that C turned 5 months old. I love how this shot captures the innocent curiosity that only an infant can have.  His eyes are eagerly absorbing every drop of learning he can from situations that we as adults take for granted.  A good morning kiss from Mommy and Daddy, the dancing shadows made from sunlight filtering through the top of out tent, and all the different hues of green in that leaf that just landed in his lap.  His excitement for life is contagious, and I strive on a daily basis to be able to catch a glimpse of the world through his eyes!

There is something magical about the awe with which children approach nature.  What are some of your favorite early nature memories with your tyke?


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  1. nothing like a baby to help you see the world in a different way!


  2. #Sentimental_Snapshots: Just a Year Ago via @cragmama


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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN