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Green Hour Connection: Buckets of Fun!

With all of the recent action out in the Atlantic the past few weeks, our area has been the recipient of some much-needed rain.  (And when I say much-needed, its the average homeowner with a lawn and garden speaking, not the 24 hour weather-stalking climber).  Suffice it to say, many of our green hours recently have involved getting wet and wild in one of Cragbaby’s absolute favorite things – PUDDLES!  We both put on our play clothes, head outside, and C splashes to his little heart’s content, drenching everything within a 10 foot radius of the puddle.







So you can imagine the disappointment when, after cleaning up an especially messy post-breakfast kitchen, we discovered that the puddles we had seen from the window at breakfast were nothing more than faded wet blotches on the pavement, glistening in the mid-morning sun.  Determined to get his splash on, however, C discovered a bucket on the back patio that had collected 5 or 6 inches of rainwater over the weekend while we were off climbing.

...and just like that, the water fun is done!

C’s eyes lit up, and the rest of the morning was spent laughing and giggling with nothing more than a sloshing red bucket, 2 sticks, and a watering can.  Watching his imagination take over as he poured, scooped, and stirred brought a smile to my face, and it made me thankful that we were outside enjoying ourselves instead of being cooped up inside watching television.

Throughout my pre-Cragbaby years as a teacher, as well as my almost 18 months of being a mom, I’ve come to realize that kids don’t need fancy, expensive toys and electronics.  Not that there is anything wrong with using those types of entertainment in moderation, but a lot of times its unnecessary.  If given the proper fuel, imaginations can run wild pretty easily, and invent all sorts of creative fun from the simplest of materials (like a bucket, 2 sticks, and a watering can…).  What simple things make for creative Green Hours in your household?


3 Responses to “Green Hour Connection: Buckets of Fun!”

  1. Leaves! And we’ll have PLENTY of them soon! 🙂


  2. #Green_Hour_Connection: Buckets of Fun! via @cragmama


  3. If there is one thing we’re lacking here in Reno, it’s puddles. Oh how I miss rain. My kids would welcome the break from playing in the dust.


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