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Creepies, Crawlies, and Fungus Among Us!

C searching for the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" in the water spout

Whenever I think about fall, I usually think about leaves, pumpkins, and apple cider…but generally not bugs or other creepy-crawlies. However, I’m starting to think that perhaps I should change my mindset, since it seems as though that’s all we’ve been encountering this past week during our green hours.  With the cooler temperatures and monsoon type rains we’ve been having lately, it seems as though all sorts of interesting creatures have been appearing out of the woodwork.

We call these "baby bum shrooms"

Almost every day this week we’ve woken up to find at least one new species of mushroom popping up in colonies throughout our yard.  We’ve discovered a host of roly poly bugs milling around in our natural areas, and earthworms galore stranded out in the road after the water evaporates.  C has greatly enjoyed saving the worms from an untimely death, although from the looks of a few of the post-rescue worm shapes, I’m pretty certain his track record is far from 100%.  Oh well – at least his heart is in the right place…

Roly poly bugs!

Mushrooms, roly poly bugs, and worms are a somewhat obvious occurence – but what has really struck us as odd is all the lizards we’ve been seeing recently.  One day saw at least 5 within one afternoon hanging out in different spots on our fence and along the side of the house.  The lizards were basking enjoying a peaceful bask in the autumn sunshine until we came along and tried to catch them.  C thought it was hysterical watching Mommy go to all sorts of lengths to outsmart the lizards, but to no avail.  I did manage to get my hands on two, but in my efforts for a humane capture (ie, a still-living lizard at the end of observation), they both wriggled away before I could bend down to show Cragbaby a closer a look.  On a related note however – did anyone else know that lizards can JUMP?  A green anole lizard made quite an impressive getaway at one point by running to the corner edge of our fence, looking back to confirm there was no other escape options, and then LEAPING to our neighbor’s fence a solid two feet away (and several feet lower as well).

A beautiful blue-tailed skink on the side of our house


A little green anole on the back patio

What about everyone else – has the disappearance of long, hot summer days been replaced by any unusual flora or fauna over in your neck of the woods?  If so, please share – I’d love to know if we’re the only ones with an increase in creepy-crawlies!  (As well as any lizard catching tips…I was pretty good at it as a little kid, but its been a while…)



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  1. Creepies, Crawlies, and Fungus Among Us! via @cragmama


  2. Creepies, Crawlies, and Fungus Among Us! via @cragmama


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