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Here’s to New Adventures

A while back I posted some guest contributions from Jen Charette and Kristen Lummis, aka Velo Mom and Brave Ski Mom, respectively.  I had mentioned that we were in the process of combining our super powers into a collaborative writing venture known as The Adventure Moms.  Well, it took a while for things to get rolling, but its now official – our first project will be writing for Women’s Adventure Magazine’s online blog!  After an introductory post last week, our trio will be featured on the blog on the third Monday of each month, writing about…you guessed it – adventures and families!  As a team we’ll be covering family-friendly destinations, and tips on getting everyone involved and keeping the whole gang happy.  Today’s post is centered around family-friendly mountain-biking in Moab, UT with a quick blurb about hiking and climbing .  So if you’re in need of another blog to follow, check out the Women’s Adventure blog, and leave us some comment love!


3 Responses to “Here’s to New Adventures”

  1. How wonderful! Even though I really don’t need another blog to follow this one might have to go on the list. What a terrific joint-venture very excited for you all.


  2. Benito

    Um, I’m excited about that, but I think cragmama needs to be updated twice weekly, I can only read the same thing so many times! I’m hoping after this coming weekend there will be BIG news 🙂


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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN