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Somebody Broke the Off-Season Rule…

…and it wasn’t me.  I’ll give you a hint – he’s just over 2 feet tall and 25 pounds of sheer energy.  Yep, that’s right.  While hubby and I have both been very diligent and committed to our 3 weeks of rest, Cragbaby has been literally climbing the walls, flaunting his young muscles that have yet to discover the need for rest days.

C working on the Crib Project

Household bouldering is anything but a new phenomenon for C.  He’s been projecting various items around the house such as chairs, stairs, tables, and shelves since he was around 5 months old.  In fact, I even found an old video of C working the “Dresser Problem” back when he was 6 months old.  Watching the video I couldn’t help but smile at his wobbly little legs and determined lip pucker.  Although he mastered the majority of the problem a long time ago – a sit down start on handlebar jugs to knobs up high – the flat, polished topout will probably elude him until he can have a crack at it with some legit sticky rubber shoes, which (shhh, don’t tell!) he’ll have for Christmas!

Cragbaby’s hardest project to date, however, is probably the Changing Table Problem, which he started working as a way to get to the light switch.  Kind of a highball with a fantastic, cruxy finish, it has all the elements of a classic!  Here’s the official Cragbaby Beta (Spoiler Alert – read no further if you’re holding out for the onsight).  Start on the middle rail, get both feet up and reach way high to the top.  Get feet high to starting holds and commit to a waist high mantel.  Upon topping out, collect yourself to a stand where you can turn around and switch the lights on and off to your heart’s content!  C thinks this problems is somewhere in the neighborhood of B4 (all the cool cragbabies use the “B” scale these days), but admits that a few more ascents are needed to consolidate the grade.  Maybe he can convince his younger cousin to get on it over Christmas.

Anyway, C has been able to send this for a for a while now, but I was just recently able to catch it on video (all except for the start, which is well before the business anyway).  And since he’s the only person in the house sending these days, it seemed appropriate to post.  Enjoy!

Any other favorite household boulder problems out there from the 3 and under set?


25 Responses to “Somebody Broke the Off-Season Rule…”

  1. Erica, that is precious and hysterical! Of course your boy is a climber. I still need a climbing-to-English dictionary when I read some of your posts, but I love how you made C his own climbing report.


  2. Jenn – You completely read my mind! For a while now I’ve been thinking about adding a “dictionary” page of climbing jargon. One of my first posts of the new year is going to be an attempt to get feedback on what kind of posts people would most like to see, and a dictionary is one of my suggestions listed – great minds must think alike 🙂


  3. Benito

    That is hands down, the funniest video I have ever seen, please put that on youtube, it’s going to go viral!


  4. Benito

    When he gets his feet high and grunts, omg. You can tell that he’s really trying hard to send.


  5. jean

    heh…i love that steve is spotting for him. 😀 too cute!


  6. i help care for my 1 1/2 year old niece. the house rule is if she climb up it she can stay there…i.e. uncle’s computer desk, the dining room table. (although the living room coffee table is off limits). she has really strong hands and is pretty good at mantling. if she can’t quite get started she’ll say “foot, foot” and i’ll let her use my leg as a boost. thankfully my sister doesn’t mind that i’ve started the climbing indoctrination already.


  7. Tonya

    ok, so I think I’m watching the next Tommy Caldwell or Sonny Trotter in the making … and this is absolutely adorable! I love the grunt as he works it and then the triumph at the top! I totally relate!!! 🙂


  8. Brandy Walters

    Love this. Lukas loves to climb into his high chair – no easy feat for an 18 month old!


    • Tammy O – I love the “Foot, foot!” (Sometimes I wish I could say that and a magical booster would appear! It’s amazing how intuitive climbing is for kids! Hopefully they won’t lose that!

      Tonya – He’s got the beta wired now so he can do it without the grunt, but the emotion makes the video better I think… 🙂

      Brandy – That’s awesome! Go Lukas! C can climb pretty much any chair/table/etc BUT the high chair…but ours is a really cheap, barebones one from IKEA that’s so light it won’t stay put when he tries.

  9. That’s awesome. I knew we were going to see a shot like that sooner or later. His little toes crimped on the bed frame and the gaze down the abyss are just perfect.


  10. Sarah

    Love it – in true bouldering style…nice top out and ‘night ‘night


  11. Addy

    Hilarious! I am sure our little one will be encouraged to start mantling things soon enough too (her daddy has already been eyeing potential problems)! Any tips C can give to a baby just starting to familiarize herself with the B0 range…?


    • Addy – Good question…I relayed it on to C, whose answer was – “Make sure you have a spotter so you can really go for it” 🙂

  12. Linda

    It was bound to happen….This just makes me smile!


  13. Brian

    I watched C climbing on the vid – made me smile!(and laugh!)


  14. I’ve watched the video a bunch of times now – it makes me laugh every time. The little grunt after he mantles up is so adorable! I can already see him incorporate this in his slideshow as a sponsored athlete at the New River Rendezvous 2018ish 🙂


  15. Awesome, I love this video! Our little one has been really getting the hang of mantling, but I don’t think he’s got such a hard send to his name yet (maybe he’s working on solidifying his B3 grades first).


    • Manuela – 2018 huh?!? He better get crankin’!

      Megan – Its always good to move up slowly through the grades, so I think your little guy has the right idea. Maybe suggest grunting? It seems to help out C lol. 🙂

  16. morning c.

    So awesome. My 3.5 month old is working on her double dyno to launch herself out of her Ergo carrier. I can only imagine what’s ahead of us in an apartment with more bookcases and gear racks than beds! 🙂

    We are scouting out trailers for skiing/biking with little M. Any comments on the Chariot? Is it comfortable for little ones on other than paved roads?


    • Morning – I did a review on the Chariot back when we first got it, here’s the link if you’re interested: We’ve been really happy with it and use it several times a week, but generally on roads/greenways. The only “off roading” its ever seen has been on boardwalk type trail sections or fine gravel (rails to trails style), so nothing too adventurous. We initially got a head rest thingy for C so that he could be more comfortable for him to fall asleep in, which did help. Now that he’s down to just one long nap a day I’m so glad I don’t have to plan around all that sleeping anymore! Hope that helps… 🙂

    • We love our Chariot! Our little one is 15.5 months now, so you’ll be on exactly the same timeline as us. Last winter we used it all the time for skiing, first with the baby bivy, and then with the infant sling. Lots of space to pack out with down jackets (or even a sleeping bag) and hot water bottles. The swaying of the skiing motion combined with the swooshing of the skis sent him to sleep instantly, and still does this year, even though he’s sleeping a lot less. We used it both backcountry, on ungroomed trails, and nordic skiing on groomed tracks. And it’s tipped a couple of times (only going slowly around corners where I wasn’t watching the tracking closely enough)… both times he’s been asleep, and stayed fast asleep, snug with that five point harness.

      All Summer we used it for mountain biking – at the start of the season taking it easy, as Chariot doesn’t recommend biking with babies under 12 months. But after seeing how smooth his ride was, we got more and more adventurous, and by the end of Summer he’d seen some fun (and very bumpy!) off-road trails. In general, the rougher the track, the greater the chance of him falling fast asleep.

      I’ve got some of our Chariot adventures (with some off-road pics included too) here if you’re interested:

  17. Ha, I love this. Cragbaby working on bouldering projects around the house. (via @Cragmama) #climb


  18. “@eliz_rocks: Ha, I love this. Cragbaby working bouldering projects around house. (via @Cragmama) #climb” brilliant!


  19. @Cragmama awesome photo of climbing prodigy working on his c-project!


  20. sam

    Love it! The change table is one of the harder in-house problems over for my little ones, too.. I’ve been ordered by their mother not to encourage them how to climb out of the crib… one of the few rules.


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