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Shadow Chasers

What with our Wild West Adventure and Ocean Isle Beach Extravaganza (which we’re in the middle of right now…), I’ve hardly had time to write about the simple things – you know, those “everyday special occasions” that make up the majority of our time, but tend to get overshadowed (pun intended ;)) by the bigger stuff.  But despite the hectic schedules, Cragbaby and I have still managed to (more or less) remain faithful to our committment to a daily Green Hour.  

In the past few months C has become quite fascinated with the concept of SHADOWS.  He is mesmerized at how they can be ahead of us at the beginning of our walk, but then lag behind us when we turn around to go back.  He loves pointing out whose shadow is whose, and especially loves when the shadows are long and tall.  And then there’s the tickling…apparently the Cragbaby Shadow is not very ticklish, as regardless of the intensity of the tickling, it doesn’t move too much.  That Mommy Shadow, on the other hand, just can’t sit still once the tickling starts, much to C’s delight.  

At first C would mainly just notice the shadows on our morning walks around the neighborhood.  Because of the aspect of the sun compared to the road, they were impossible to miss, and he noticed them every time without my prompting.  But after a couple of weeks however, he started to notice that pretty much anything can have a shadow – trees, cars, cats, etc.  Then there were the shadow experiments where he would hold a baseball bat or a golf club high into the air, and gleefully discovered that his shadow enjoyed playing baseball/golf too!  And just a few days ago at the pool, C was thrilled to notice that his shadow was following him along the bottom of the pool!  

Tickling the Mommy Shadow

It’s not really a genius-worthy science lesson or anything.  It’s not like an understanding of shadows will earn him special honors in preschool or anything.  But it’s an experience we got to share together, just like all of those memories I’ve got filed away in my Mommy bank.  And for that, it’s worth writing about, even if it’s terribly mundane compared to all of the excitement we’ve had of late.  What “everyday special occasions” do you share with your child, spouse, friends?


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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN