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Double-fisting on the trail...

Double-fisting on the trail…

My kid will eat his body weight in fruit, but there are very few vegetables that he will tolerate, so those pouches of pureed fruit/veggie mixes (known as “squeezies” at our house) are a staple for C.  What I like about them is that they are a fast, mess-free way to get some good nutrition into a wiggly body that’s constantly on the go.  What I dislike about them is that they are really expensive and generate a lot of trash.  It was especially frustrating back in C’s younger days when I was making batches upon batches of fresh, homemade baby food – it seemed silly to substitute something pre-packaged, but it was significantly more convenient.  Thus disposable “squeezies” (usually the cheaper Target brand) became one of the essentials in our food bag on climbing weekends. 

But you can imagine my excitement upon finding a company that made REUSABLE pouches!  What a concept – the convenience of a disposable that’s easier on your wallet and the landfill!  Squooshi pouches come in 2 different sizes, 2.5 and 4 ounces, and the sky is the limit with what you can put in them – any combination of fruit, veggie, legume, grain, and dairy can make a tasty (and wholesome!) snack!  The cap is designed to be choke-proof and easy to twist off for little fingers.  They come in fun, brightly-colored animal designs, and work exactly the same for your toddler as their disposable counterparts.  But the magic is found in the Ziploc style seal at the bottom – just open the pouch, pour in your homemade squishy mix of choice (recipes found here), and reseal!  


During the week we keep them on hand in the fridge so we can grab one on the go.  On climbing days our strategy is to throw some cold ones in the pack for morning consumption, along with some frozen ones that will be perfectly thawed by the afternoon.  When we get home we just open the seal at the bottom, take the cap off, and rinse the insides out with warm, soapy water!  (They are also safe to put in the dishwasher, let’s say if you accidentally left one under the couch cushions for a week…hypothetically of course 😉 ) 


Which one to choose first?!?

I will say that there is a learning curve with regards to homemade squeezie-making (or maybe I’m just dumb in the kitchen, which is entirely possible).  It took me a while to get the  consistency and portion sizes right – ideally it should be similar to applesauce.  My first attempt, while a tasty rendition of strawberries, bananas, and kefir, came out far too thin, and with so much extra that C and I split an 8 ounce smoothie with the leftovers.  Our second try was much better – 1 cup fresh mango, 8 strawberries, and a splash of honey was just right for our set of Squooshis – 2 large and 2 small. 

I so wish I would have discovered this product sooner, but I’m glad we’ve got it now and I’m THRILLED to be able to give a set of Squooshi’s away for one lucky winner!  All you have to do is leave a comment about your family’s strategies for squeezing in more fruits and veggies into your kids (and as always, liking Cragmama or Squooshi on facebook will get you multiple entries!)  The contest will run through Sunday, March 17th, when a winner will be chosen at random.  Best of luck!


71 Responses to “A SQUOOSHI Review – and a GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Chris Sorel

    been making the kids smoothies in small water bottle but the tip get clogged at times. This sound very cool and better.


  2. Chris Sorel

    Already like you on FB and now Squooshi on facebook


  3. Joy

    We do smoothies in the morning and throw in spinach along with different berries and rolled oats! The oats make the smoothie a little more substantial (more fiber/protein) and help keep both of us full for a few hours afterwards!


  4. This is a great idea! My daughter loves her “Squeezy Pouches” but we stopped getting them because of the cost and the waste. Its pretty funny… everything that was EVER put in them was applesauce in my daughters eyes. Thanks for reviewing products like this.


  5. Amber schwarz

    I love using fruit and veggie squeezers to sneak in those green veggies but the store bought ones are so expensive! I never knew someone sold reusable pouches! The possibilities are endless with these.


  6. I tend to take fruits and veggies and squeeze them into my son’s ears and nostrils when he’s not looking. Honestly, my son has a better taste for food than I do – I’ve never grown out of my childhood pickiness.

    I liked both pages on Facebook!


  7. BethC

    This is so timely! I have just been chatting with a couple of other moms about these, and I was about to buy some of my own. J loves the squeezies. She is still working on finger food, but she can reliably eat the squeezies on her own without making a mess. I love them because she’s like C – loves fruit, but undecided about veggies. I’m tired of the waste and expense, and we just got a new blender, so I’d love to try the reusable pouches. I also want to try yogurt in them, since she loves yogurt but can’t feed it to herself with a spoon yet! I have liked you on FB, but I just liked Squooshi, too!


  8. Erica

    Chris – Yes we have had the exact same problem with smoothies. Now that C is fairly reliable with a straw it helps, but then you still have the problem of the mess when (not if) they get tipped over…

    Joy – Throwing in the spinach and the oats are both great ideas 🙂

    Adam – You are right, the cost and waste is outrageous – and I think is probably Squooshi’s number 1 selling point…

    Amber – We’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting, you’re right, the options are endless!

    Michael – Your comment made me laugh out loud 🙂

    Beth C – We have used yogurt in our Squooshis and it’s worked out well! Great way to sneak in some protein 🙂

    Thanks for all the comments and FB likes everyone!


  9. We love using pouches as a quick snack and they are awesome for everyone. I love that these are reusable. We try to keep healthy snacks on hand all the time. We love freeze dried fruit our so does our little boy. He’s pretty good at trying veggies at dinner. He loves snap pease and dip (ranch or yogurt). Fruit and veggie mixes are a great way to get a few extra veggies in.


  10. My 2 year old daughter loves fruits and vegies. There is literally not one she does not like. How fun would this be for her!


  11. nicole weiss

    we have been making fruit smoothies every day, i would love to put them in the squooshi pouches


  12. nicole weiss

    i like you on fb


  13. nicole weiss

    i like squooshi on fb


  14. Jenni

    We love to make delicious smoothies filled with all the yummy goodness of natural foods! We would LOVE to win!


  15. Jenni

    We follow you on FB 🙂


  16. Jenni

    And of course – we follow Squooshi of FB!


  17. I have the opposite – tons of veggies, but very little fruits are tolerated by my little guy. Thanks for the opportunity!


  18. I already like you, and I just liked squooshi on fb 🙂


  19. Aimee

    LOVE pouches for getting in yummy veggie/fruit smoothies! My daughter can’t eat them on her own yet, but I just make the baby food & put it in. Then I bring a spoon and we’re all set to go!


  20. Aimee

    Fan of Squooshi on fb too!


  21. Sarah R

    With 3 boys under 3 in our house (the twins turning 1 in just 7 short days) it is difficult to keep enough fruit cup up for tiny hands. Smoothies are much easier to make in batches and include veggies. I also like the ability to freeze with this product. I


  22. karen

    how great is this! I had decided no squeezy pouches because of the waste, how exciting there is another option.


  23. Kimberlie

    My 2 year old loves all things fruit and these pouches are great for a snack on the go, especially since baseball season just started. He doesn’t know his applesauce is green because there is spinach in it 😉


  24. Kimberlie

    I like you on fb – Kimberlie Smith Tiegen


  25. Kimberlie

    I like Squooshi on fb – Kimberlie Smith Tiegen


  26. Erica

    Jentri – Dried fruit is a staple at our house too.

    Heather J – How awesome that you’ve got such a good eater!

    Nicole Weiss – The only thing to be careful of with the smoothies is to make sure they are thick enough for the pouches – but with just a little less liquid than normal and it’s perfect!

    Jenni – Awesome, good luck!

    Emily – That’s funny, we should combine our mom super powers so our kids will like fruits AND veggies 🙂

    Aimee – awesome, and mess free!

    Sarah R – Were your twins born on the 21st? My little guy turns 3 that day too!

    Karen – Yep, we used them very sparingly (ie only on climbing trips) b/c of the waste/cost factor. The reusable ones have been a relief!

    Kimberlie – what a sneaky mommy 😉


  27. We just fell on love with the squeeze pouches! They are literally amazing- our little guy just learned how to pull from them instead of me squeezing- and now that’s all he wants to eat! He is a fruit fanatic so we love the pouches that have a fruit/veggie blend and now that he feeds himself, his intake has at least double! YEAH!

    We already like Cragmama on FB
    Now we like Squooshi too!


  28. Angela G

    Love it! I hate the waste of the store bought pouches too. I sneak pureed veggies into casseroles and burritos. I like you on FB. I’ve been considering the Squooshi pouches so thanks for the trusted review!


  29. We usually do smoothies or veggies with dip to get our son to eat more veggies. In the summer I make popsicles by blending fruit with some yogurt and freezing it in molds, and that is his favorite.

    I’ve also like you and Squooshi on Facebook!


  30. Erica

    Amanda – Yay for filling little tummies with fruits and veggies!

    Angela G – Sneaking in a little extra veggie puree is a great idea for casseroles and such…I’ll have to try that 🙂

    Jessica – Popsicles are a summertime hit at our house too!


  31. Nicole Bear

    My baby isn’t even starting solids yet, but I am betting that those pouches are going to come in handy. I have gotten my hubby to eat more fruits and veggies in the past few years though. Mostly by making sure there are veggies cut up for him to take for a quick snack at work or dip in ranch dressing (his favorite).


  32. Nicole Bear

    I “Liked” both on Facebook


  33. Ally

    I’ve been using reusable pouches like this for a little while and they are great! The only thing is you need to have a funnel to fill them. It can get messy for sure. But these are super cute with the animals on each one!


  34. Erica

    Nicole Bear – I think you nailed it, availability is key to making sure healthy snacks get picked up more often than junky ones.

    Ally – With the Squooshi ones I actually found that the opening was plenty big enough to just pour the purees out of my blender mess-free without a funnel. The only thing I’ve noticed that I have to be careful of is to not fill them up too full – otherwise when I go to seal them from the bottom some of the excess squirts out.


  35. Rachel

    I buy pouches at the store, but that gets pretty expensive. My kids will eat almost any fruit but veggies are a little trickier. For that I puree them and put them in baked dishes.


  36. Rachel

    I “like” Squooshi on Facebook (Rachel Anderson Campbell)


  37. Rachel

    I “like” you on Facebook (Rachel Anderson Campbell)


  38. Chris Widlund

    My LO is a couple weeks shy of a year and we have not tried squeezies yet. (Well at least having her feed herself with them yet.) I really like the idea of making my own.


  39. I substitute beans and applesauce for butter and oil in a lot of my baking. It sounds weird, but totally works. White bean chocolate chip cookies anyone?


  40. I’m sorry, but if you want your kids to learn to eat veggies, you actually have to feed them veggies. If you keep sneaking veggies in, yes, they will get the nutritional benefits in the short run, but in the long run, they will never learn to “tolerate” eating veggies. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but maybe check out this site if you are interested in avoiding picky eating:


  41. We have a Little Green Pouch we love for this purpose. My husband makes all our baby food and makes fruit and veggie mixes. These pouches are even cuter!


  42. We love Squooshi pouches! We purchased a set of 4 (in both of the sizes) a couple of months ago, and our 1-year-old daughter loves to feed herself pureed fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, our dogs found them at some point or another (or maybe they were “handed” to them by our daughter…) and they were all ruined! Needless to say, I’ll be purchasing some more in the near future.


  43. Alene Nielsen

    The way I try to get them to eat more fruit and vegetables is to put it into a smoothie.
    They love them.


  44. angie

    We make smoothies and add veggies and fruit to it – they don’t know there is spinach or kale mixed with the fruit and yogurt!


  45. angie

    I like you on Facebook
    (Angie B)


  46. angie

    I like Squooshi on fb (Angie B)


  47. amelia

    What a great blog! I found you thru the Squooshi FB page and LIKED you both. I’ve been blending a variety of fruits and veggies for my 9 month old and would LOVE the convenience of a SQOOSHI reusable pouch. I just can’t bear to pay 75 cent- $1 for these. I never see them for 50 cents. Question: I also started my little one on a little tofu. Does anyone know if tofu works blended in a smoothie? How does it freeze and thaw?


  48. Erica

    Rachel – your kiddos sound like mine 🙂

    Chris – Yep, it’s fun being able to throw in whatever fruit/veggie combo happens to be in the fridge!

    Jessica – I’d heard of that before, but never known anyone that tried it – good to know it works!

    Aimee – I definitely see your point, and I agree with it for the long term. We use the squeezies mostly for climbing trips when good veggie nutrition is harder to come by. When we make the squeezies, C knows what goes in them, so it’s not like he thinks he’s getting away with not eating them. We do serve real veggies at every meal at home…but they aren’t all that popular with C OR his Daddy.

    Jen – I will have to check out the Little Green Pouch, I haven’t heard of them before!

    Jen – That’s an instance where “sharing” is not good 😉

    Alene – I think green smoothies are a great idea for kids AND adults!

    Angie – I haven’t tried kale yet in a smoothie, but that’s a good idea…

    Amelia – Glad you liked the blog! I have had tofu smoothies before, but at a smoothie bar, so I don’t know the ratios that were used, and I also don’t know how it is to freeze/thaw it…Sorry I can’t be of more help! 🙂


  49. Becca S

    I “liked” both Facebook pages! I try to give my baby girl the pureed pouches as a snack to cram in a lot of fruits and veggies. It would be so nice to be able to make my own pouches!


  50. Awesome giveaway! My little ones love applesauce & yogurt so it is easy to sneak in more fruit. I also sneak veggies in spaghetti sauce. Yummy & healthy!
    “liked” your fb site & squooshies! 🙂


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