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My Little Man is THREE!!!!!

I love this guy!  :)

I love this guy! ūüôā

How in the world did this happen?¬† One day I’m staying up all night with marathon nursing sessions.¬† Then when I finally go to sleep I wake up and he’s running into his classroom without so much as an afterthought glance in my direction!¬† Ok ok¬†maybe it didn’t happen EXACTLY like that, but some days it seems like it!¬† Fortunately for us, we’ve been blessed to have shared hundreds¬†upon thousands of wonderful memories with our little Cragbaby these past three years, who most CERTAINLY has graduated to Crag-Kiddo status at this point!¬†

Lightning McQueen!

Lightning McQueen!

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection recently about how precious and fleeting life can be, as well as why we have chosen the lifestyle that we have for our family.¬† You can go back and read those posts here and here if you’d like, but I’d like to keep today’s post short, light, and sweet so I can spend the whole day celebrating with my little man!¬† After all you only turn 3 once…and besides, we’ve got 18 more Lightning McQueen cupcakes to pass out to friends today!¬†

In addition to the Crag-Kiddo’s birthday, today is also special because it marks the first day of spring!¬† And I say bring it on!¬† What special fun is YOUR family cooking up this spring?



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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN