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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! (And Clif Giveaway!)

Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope your week was as frightfully delightful as ours was!  We started the Halloween festivities early with the first-ever “Black Light Party” at our local climbing gym, Inner Peaks.  Later on in the week we carved jack-o-lanterns into the pumpkins we’d painstakingly chosen from the pumpkin patch a few weeks prior – a Daddy pumpkin, a Mommy pumpkin, a C pumpkin, and don’t forget a tiny little pumpkin in honor of the little pink crag-sprout in utero!  Then we did the door to door family thing on Thursday in our neighborhood.  C dressed as Larry-boy, his favorite super hero from the Veggie Tales series.  


How did your family celebrate Halloween?  Leave your answer in the comment field below using the Rafflecopter widget, where 5 (that’s right FIVE!) winners will be chosen to try out the latest flavors of Kit Organic Bars from Clif!  Giveaway will run through Wednesday, November 6, when the winners will be chosen at random.  Best of luck and Happy Halloween!

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16 Responses to “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! (And Clif Giveaway!)”

  1. Christopher Sorel

    Yes took my son and 6 other boys who ran from house to house for 1:45 then slowed way down. Dang hard keeping up with them


  2. Sandy Wilda

    Spent he evening snuggling with a book & warm blanket 🙂


  3. Our little guy dressed up as a spider and we met up with one his friends to do some early trick or treating along or neighborhood shops. Then we went out for pizza! Very fun night, and I loved all the excitement and community it builts! 🙂


  4. I took my girlfriends son out trick-or-treating with the neighbor and his son. After that we roasted pumpkin seeds.


  5. Too many halloween parties resulting in insane amounts of candy here. Usually I wouldn’t complain, but I’m sugar and my pregnant body hate each other, so I get sick with each candy bar I sneak. Thankfully, my kids LOVE money and the dentist is doing a candy buyback next week! WAHOO!


  6. We celebrated at the Fall Festival at the kids’ school (and a little trunk or treating) with one set of grandparents. And then later going door to door in the neighborhood with the other set (and helping move us toward daylight savings time!)

    This was our first year to dress the kids as a paired costume and it was fun!!


  7. wil colquhoun

    We went out for a really good meal.


  8. My son, 4, really got Halloween this year so we had so much fun. Decorating, pumpkin carving, preschool Halloween fun, mini party with friends and trick or treating!


  9. We did trick or treating in the snow! Kids had a blast…and I have NO idea what to do with all that candy! :/


  10. Jeffrey

    Our Halloween got moved to tonight due to the weather. We stayed in and watched a scary movie. I took off work on Thursday but had to work tonight so my parents are taking the kids Trick-or-Treating.


  11. Leah Novak

    Scary movie and pumpkin carving!


  12. Sabrina M.

    We went to a pumpkin patch and a hayride!


  13. I took the girls trick-or-treating. They also carved the pumpkins themselves (ok, I helped Beans a little because she wanted a LOT of pointy teeth.)
    Beans was a “pirate princess” and Bunny was a “zombie ballerina”.

    There’s a pic of them in costume here:

    We now have a ridiculous amount of candy in the house. Ridiculous.


  14. Spent the holiday staying warm indoors watching spooky movies!


  15. My wife and I went to a Halloween party at a friend’s house.


  16. Kara B

    The family enjoyed games, hayrides, crafts and a Creatures of the Night hike at our local park. We also dressed up in homemade costumes and went trick-or-treating up our street.


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