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Rainy Day Green Hours Need Rainy Day Gear!

What do you get after 2 solid days of torrential rains and frosty wind gusts?  A stir-crazy toddler and mama-to-be with a horrible case of cabin fever!  I sure am thankful for companies like STONZ and Ducksday that believe in providing top quality outerwear for kids, otherwise C would have been a cold, wet mess once the storms died down to a steady drizzle and we ventured out!  

The search for big puddles begins!

All decked out, ready for big water!

I was excited because we really did have the perfect conditions for testing all of our new gear – the wind and rain had died down enough to make it less than miserable outside, but all of the puddles and streams were still in full force from the previous days’ downpours!  The crag-kiddo was excited to have a watery wonderland of puddles and overflowing drainage ditches to play in.  The verdict?  Everything held up GREAT!  Here’s the specifics…

Our relationship with this company first came about last year when we discovered their rainsuit/fleece layering system.  (A thorough review on that can be found here.)  Now they’ve added some insulated options to their all-weather fighting arsenal, and we think the results are outstanding!  

3 in 1 Jacket – My favorite part about this jacket is how versatile it is.  The hood is sized generously so that your child can still comfortably wear a hat (and also probably a helmet, although we haven’t had reason to try that yet this season…)  It is also detachable – meaning less bulk on a cold, dry day.  The inner fleece is removable, making the outer shell just as practical during summer rains as it is during winter snows!  Other bells and whistles include reflective safety tape, elastic cinches at the bottom of the jacket, zip vents under the arms, and a velcro flap covering the zipper as added insurance no water gets through.   The crag-kiddo’s favorite part?  “It’s blue!”

Snowpants I was very impressed with the design of these pants.  It’s basically everything you’d look for in adult ski/snowboard pants – but in a pint-size package!  Zippers and velcro at the ankles made getting on boots a breeze, and they completely covered the opening on the boots to keep water from spilling in during giant puddle splashes.  They aren’t as bulky as similar pants we’ve tried, which I personally like better since C seems to be able to move around in them better.  We were warned that the sizing ran a tidge small so we did in fact size up, and we’ve got plenty of room for adding warmer layers underneath as well as room to grow!  The crag-kiddo’s favorite part?  “They sound swishy!”

The test:  Though we haven’t had a chance to try them out in snow yet, our rainy weather was ideal for putting the waterproof-ness to the test – and both pieces passed with flying colors!  The only incident we had was right before we went inside when C decided to LAY DOWN in a 4 inch deep puddle.  Obviously, the bottom part of the back of his shirt got wet (but to be honest, I was expecting pants and undies to be soaked through as well!)  To be fair, laying down in standing water is probably a little too much to ask out of ANY 2 piece outfit (although the one-piece rainsuit could have handled it for sure!), but based on what I saw, my guess is that the coverage is more than adequate for laying down to make snow angels.  Hopefully when, not if, we get some snow around here, I’ll be sure to report back! (And as a teaser, THAT post will feature a giveaway from Ducksday, so be on the lookout in a month of so!)  

ducksday   IMG_0841

Our family is psyched to represent STONZ this winter, and one of the perks is that C gets to try out the entire STONZ line of kid’s outerwear this season!  I already sung the praises of their hats hatz in the gift guide I posted a few weeks ago, and their booties in last week’s post about Firepit Fridays, and now it’s time to boast about our favorite offering from this company thus far – Rain Bootz!  

Rain Bootz  We may not get a ton of snow…but we tend to make up for it in rain, so my guess is that these bright yellow galoshes will get the prize of “most-used” in our STONZ collection!  Now C can be a bit of a hard sell when it comes to wearing new things, but as soon as I told him these boots could get as wet and muddy as he wanted, he was all in (and by “in,” I mean knee-deep in a fast-flowing drainage ditch!)  The really cool part about these bootz is that they are versatile enough for year round.  Worn as is they are perfect for sloshing around in spring mud puddles, but used in conjunction with the Linerz (sold separately) they are worth their weight in gold during wet, winter weather!  The liner just drops right in, providing a warm and cozy insulating layer for little feet.  (Note: the liner takes up a fair amount of room in the boot, so be sure to size up if you intend to use a liner!)  The crag-kiddo’s favorite part about the bootz/linerz combo?  “They make my feet fluffy!”



The test: After over an hour of splashing, stomping, and general merry-making in what most would consider less than ideal weather for playing outside, it was time to de-layer and have a lunch break.  C was all smiles when we took the boots off and his little tootsies were warm and dry!  (And I was all smiles when the bootz rinsed clean of all that mud after a quick spray down!)  Though we obviously haven’t tried them out in the white stuff yet, I’m predicting that the addition of the liners would make these boots a very reasonable option during the snow (especially for us Southeasterners that only get to enjoy it a few times a year at most!).  The ability to use these boots all year in all types of weather makes them an excellent value that I’d highly recommend for any kiddo who likes getting outside when most grown-ups don’t!

What’s your family’s stance on rainy weather?  Get out and enjoy it, or hibernate inside til the sun peeks out again?  What strategies/gear do you use for keeping your kiddos warm and dry during cold and wet weather?


Rain bootz sans linerz


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