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Creating a Cragbaby – The Toddler Years

Somehow (overnight it seems) I became the mother of a toddler.  And with that, our crag “issues” have shifted a bit.  No longer am I trying to balance a soft carrier with a baby on the front and a pack full of gear on my back (sigh of relief…).  Instead I’ve got a big boy that’s not quite as big as he thinks he is, who often insists upon hiking in himself, only to discover halfway through that his little legs are, to quote my Maw Maw, “plum wore out.”  He never asks to nurse at the crag anymore, so I don’t have to make sure my climbing tops have easy (and discreet) nursing access, but he feels pretty strongly about drinking like a big boy, which often results in the appearance of rocks, twigs, and other undesirables in an almost full bottle of Gatorade.  Suffice it to say, the challenges of a little guy at the crag have certainly not disappeared – but they have changed.  Last year I did a series of posts which got such a great response it ended up being one of the foundations for this whole website – the Creating a Cragbaby series.  Now that we are in the midst of our third season of craggin’, I thought it might be appropriate to revisit some of those baby-related topics and update them with a big boy twist.  

This time around however, I’d like some of your input!  Here’s a list of older posts on tap for resurrection over the coming weeks.  

6 week old Cragbaby enjoying his first day trip to Pilot Mountain


A big boy at the same crag a couple of years later!

See a gaping toddler issue I’m leaving out?  Please leave a comment on what else you’d like to see! 

Making your Cragbaby a Good Car-Baby – With only one nap per day, it’s not so easy to time car rides with naps anymore…
Camping with Infants Under 1 is Fun – And it’s even more fun with a toddler!
Because a Cragbaby’s Gotta Eat – And the main staple is no longer Mommy’s milk.
Always on “Doo-ty” – Some time in the near future, we’ll have to deal with potty training at the crag…heaven help us all.
Weather or Not? – Keeping your tyke cool, warm, or dry takes twice the effort once sitting around looking cute turns into running circles around mom and dad.
Sleepytime Solutions – There may be less sleep to coordinate, but the logistics can be equally frustrating.

Now it’s your turn – what big boy (or girl) topics am I missing?


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