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Sentimental Snapshots: The Urban Jungle

Since I started climbing in 2006, I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to climb in so many spectacular different settings – from the sharp-angled limestone of El Potrero Chico to the steep, intimidating granite on the Chief in British Columbia.  However, one of the more interesting scenery came from an unlikely place – Manchester Bridge in Richmond, Virginia.  This climbing area is right in the middle of downtown Richmond, and is basically a series of abandoned train trestles that have been equipped with bolts and shutts.


Steve topping out on one of the many pillars at Manchester Bridge

I like how this picture shows that you can find a corner of earth to recreate in anywhere – even in the most unlikely of places!  You may not live in a mountain-top log cabin overlooking a field of wildflowers filled with deer every morning…but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a patch of natural green space in which to revel in the wonders of Creation.  Parks, greenways, gardens, maybe even your own backyard – even in a big city its not hard to find some outdoor enjoyment!  So what about you?  Do you have an unlikely go-to spot that you use to get a mid-week nature fix?


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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN