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Bearded Brothers Bars are Bangin’! (and GIVEAWAY!)

How’s that for alliteration?!?  And it’s the truth too!  Recently bearded brother Caleb offered to send me a few bars to try out for free in exchange for an honest review.  I (inaccurately) assumed they would be more or less like any other energy bar I’ve tried, but would come with a heftier price tag being that they are handmade and 100% organic.  (How’s that for honesty…)  But as you may have guessed from the title of this post, these bars are anything but ordinary!  

They’ve assured me that a beard is not a side effect of their products…:)

Here’s some background on the “Beardies”:
Bearded Brothers is an organic snack food company out of Texas, run by (bearded) brothers-in-law Caleb and Chris.  Caleb is a rock climber, cyclist, and runner and saw a need for tasty, healthy foods to fuel his adventures.  Chris is also an avid outdoorsman, and has a background in the health food/supplement industry with special attention given to andrographis.  Both will be expanding their families with bundles of joy in the coming months!  (Congrats, guys!)

Here’s the verdict from Cragmama:
 We received 4 distinctive flavors: Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla, Colossal Coconut Mango, Mighty Maca Chocolate, and Fabulous Ginger Peach.  The first thing I noticed was that the packaging was resealable – PERFECT for times when I just need a couple of quick bites before hiking into the crag, or when my toddler SAYS that he’s hungry, but puts it down after one bite…The bars aren’t big, but they are quite dense; pick one up and it’s not hard to see how almost 300 calories can squeeze into one little bar (but those calories are a much more efficient option than the 300 (+) calories in your fancy coffee from Starbuck’s this morning!)

Mmmmm, Coconut Mango!

The Coconut Mango bar walked away with all the votes for “best bar.”  The mango provided just the right amount of sweetness, and the coconut was fabulous for flavor as well as texture.  Take a bite, close your eyes, and it’s easy to imagine yourself in a chair on the sand with an umbrella drink in the other hand…open your eyes again and your back to reality, with a burst of energy for sending your latest climbing project.  Blueberry Vanilla was a close second, with a flavor combo that would be perfect for an on-the-go breakfast on the way out the door for your morning bike ride.  The Chocolate one was a pleasant surprise – none of that fake sweetness like a lot of other bars from competing companies that don’t want to add sugar but want their bars to taste like Snickers.  (If you want a Snickers bar, grab a Snickers!)  But if you want a cocoa-flavored bar with just a hint of sweet, grab the Mighty Maca.  

Last (but unfortunately least in my book) was the Ginger Peach one.  I really wanted to like this one, as the health benefits of ginger are widely documented.  However as soon as I took a bite out of it, I was overwhelmed with the same spicy-hot, tongue-burning sensation I get when I unknowingly pop a stick of “red” gum into my mouth.  It’s not the beardies, it’s me!  I just don’t like ginger (or too much cinnamon, cloves, etc.)  But if the idea of fresh pressed ginger, dried peaches, dates, and nuts works your taste buds into overdrive, I can guarantee you’ll find it fabulous!

These bars aren’t cheap, but they’re all made by hand, and are chock full of wholesome goodness – no processed “filler” ingredients here!  If you’re looking for a snack that’s tasty, good-for-you, and easy to throw in a pack, then Bearded Brothers bars are a fantastic option!

Here’s how you can get your own Bearded Brothers Bars:  
You can purchase  Bearded Brothers bars at any of these locations, or you can order directly from their website.  OR…you can tell me what your favorite “adventure fueling snack” is in the comment field below, and you’ll automatically be entered in a giveaway sponsored by the Bearded Brothers themselves!  A winner will randomly be chosen on Thursday, December 13 to receive a 4 pack of bars (and also a sticker and a button!)  Best of luck and happy adventuring! (and fueling, since we all tend to do a little more of that than we should this time of year…)


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