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Cragmama T-Shirts Are Here!!!!!

Cragdad and Cragkid

Cragdad and Cragkid

It’s official – the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  (Well, I suppose that might be a little strong…but hopefully a few of you have been at least looking forward to it?)  After I got a lot of positive feedback from various social media outlets, along with some good old-fashioned word of mouth, I decided to move forward with the Cragmama t-shirt idea.  The idea was first planted in my head by David Lithman, owner of Adayak, an online clothing company specializing in outdoor lifestyle wear.  The goal at Adayak (a combination of the words “adventure” and “kayak”) is “to take the stories of your lifestyle and bring them to fashionable, eco-friendly apparel.”  

I am both thrilled and honored that Cragmama was chosen as a product line at Adayak.  There are currently six different options to choose from – men’s, women’s, and toddler tees, men’s and women’s hoodies, and of course, a onesie that will look adorable on all the cragbabies out there!  

Cragkid and Cragmama!

Cragkid and Cragmama!

And don’t forget that you don’t have to be a 5.12, 5.11, or even 5.10 climber to be a cragmama/dad.  Perhaps your content toproping at the local crag, or perhaps you don’t even climb at all!  Your passion might be on the water, ski slope, hiking trail, or bike path.  Or  maybe the biggest adventure for you right now is just logging some outdoor time as a family!   Simply put, Cragmamas and Crag-dads raise Cragbabies – again, not necessarily rock climbing prodigies, but explorers, naturalists, and ecologists.  

So if any of that describes you, I hope you’ll consider sharing your adventure parenting philosophy with the world by outfitting your family with some Cragmama-wear!  Whether it’s at the crag, on the trail, or even just at the grocery store, let’s promote an active lifestyle to a largely inactive society.  Let’s send a message that adventure doesn’t end where the family begins – it’s just getting started!

Secure, online ordering is easy on the Adayak website – just add whatever you want to your shopping cart and you’re good to go!  Oh, and if you make an order, PLEASE send me pictures of you and/or your family sporting your new threads!  And a big thanks in advance for all of your support!  

The whole Crag-Family!!!

The whole Crag-Family!!!



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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN